I’m very pleased to say that one of the projects that survived the so-called Labor infrastructure review was the Ringwood multilevel car park, which we kicked off in my electorate last week. With a generous and additional 340 spaces, residents who use Ringwood station in my electorate will finally be able to get a car park. At the moment you can’t get a car park at Ringwood station any time after seven o’clock.

We heard from the Labor Party for years that it was improper to build new multilevel car parks at train stations. They did everything they could to stop this project going ahead. But I want to congratulate the residents in my electorate for fighting hard to make sure that we sent the government a strong message that this infrastructure was vitally important for our electorate.

Sadly, we’ve seen numerous other projects in our local community cancelled by this government, whether it be the Tortice Drive intersection upgrade or the $50 million Dorset Road upgrade—a range of projects throughout the eastern suburbs, not only in my electorate but also in the Casey electorate and the Menzies electorate. It just shows how much contempt this government has for residents in the eastern suburbs.

But it is the community, because of their support for this project, that get the credit. I am looking forward to the 340 new spaces at Ringwood train station.

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