Michael Sukkar MP

Federal Member for Deakin
Assistant Treasurer
Minister for Housing
Minister for Homelessness, Social and Community Housing
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Repairing the Budget

It gives me great pleasure to rise this evening to talk about some important election commitments that we were able to deliver for the electorate of Deakin in the recent budget. After working hard firstly as a candidate and now as a member it is very satisfying to be able to say that we have delivered all of our election commitments in this budget.

I have spoken at length in this chamber at other times about three really important projects for my electorate—in particular, three very important sporting clubs: Mitcham Football Club, East Ringwood Sporting Club and Norwood Sporting Club. Each of these upgrades to facilities for the various team and junior competitions that rely on them are in the process of being constructed or planned.

But today I wish to focus on two other major priorities for me prior to the election: local roads and community safety. In the recently handed down budget, we were very proud in Deakin to say that two major black spots have been funded, as promised prior to the election. The first is the black spot at Bedford Road and Great Ryrie Street in Ringwood. Having attended school there growing up, I can say that it has been a problem for the local community for many years. I was proud to have Minister Briggs visit the site last week, when we were able to confirm that the $1 million previously committed to repair that black spot has been funded. It has also been great to work very closely with Maroondah City Council, who have said that the project is shovel-ready, so we look forward to work commencing in a matter of weeks.


The second major black spot in the electorate is the Surrey Road and Junction Road intersection. This is an area that has seen increased traffic through to the Eastern Freeway and it has been a source of concern for local residents for many years. I was therefore proud to formally announce that the half a million dollars towards repairing that black spot has been funded as of this budget, and VicRoads is ensuring that we get the best bang for our buck.

Last week I had the pleasure of Minister Keenan dropping past Deakin and announcing all of our funding commitments under the Safer Streets program. These involved various commitments of CCTV, improved lighting and the removal or the assistance in the removal of graffiti—which basically make living in Deakin safer and more pleasant. Again, I want to thank Maroondah City Council and Whitehorse City Council, who have been exemplary partners in the planning for the delivery of those Safer Streets program projects. I will list them now. The first is $200,000 for the Ringwood precinct, in and around Ringwood Station and along the nightclub precinct. It has been a source of concern for many people over many years, and I am assured that $200,000 will go a very long way to ensuring that antisocial behaviour in that area is limited.

There is also $200,000 for CCTV in Railway Avenue, Ringwood East. I want to thank the Ringwood East Traders’ Association for bringing those issues to my attention—in particular, some of the antisocial behaviour that occurred in and around Ringwood East Station that was causing huge concerns for residents. It really came home to roost last year when Minister Keenan visited the electorate and spoke to some local hairdressers who often have customers late into the evening. They felt very unsafe walking to their cars, and there had been a number of circumstances that were quite unsavoury. So we are very proud to be able to improve safety for those sorts of people in Ringwood East.

In the Whitehorse centre of the Deakin electorate we are delivering on two significant programs. The first is $200,000 towards additional lighting in and around Nunawading Station. Again, during the campaign, issues of safety for women, in particular, walking to and from their car or from home to the station were concerning. We are very proud that that lighting will go part of the way towards helping with those problems. There is also $80,000 for a graffiti truck for Whitehorse City Council.